The Picky Palate

This bitch knows good food.

The Committed Pig, Manasquan NJ

We wanted to try something new and took a trip to Manasquan to try some committed pig. Now to me, commitment means a promise and that promise was not fulfilled. I was looking at the Croque Madam whose first ingredient listed was “shaved ham.” When I asked our highly distracted waiter about how the ham was cooked, he told us it was deli ham! I asked him to verify that they didnt cook their own pig and he laughed and said no. What a disappointment. How can you say you are committed when you buy deli meat? So instead, I ordered the illy dilly burger which has fried pickled chips and russian dressing. I was looking forward to a quality burger with crunchy, crispy pickles. What I got instead was two lukewarm burger patties the size of McDonalds, soggy limp pickles, all drowning in the dressing and held together by a wet cold bun.

This is a classic case of brand heavy and quality light. Think: the Emporer’s new clothes.


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