The Picky Palate

This bitch knows good food.

Dish, Red Bank NJ

Plus side: food is better than most in the food cultural wasteland of Monmouth county. I put it on par with Salt Creek in Rumson. It isn’t blow your mind good, but it’s not too disappointing if you don’t expect something conceptual. I haven’t tried the pre fix menu but that seems like a good value. The croissant bread pudding was comforting and our server was pleasant.

And the other side: there is room to improve here. I got the steak and wasn’t impressed with the supermarket quality of beef-and the Brandy sauce hit me over the head with way too much salt and with no other flavors to redeem itself-including a lack of brandy flavor I was looking forward to. Could use some finesse and subtlety. We were a large party cramped at a table and the restaurant was not crowded. In fact at one point we had the place to ourselves. Four people came in and in this empty restaurant, they put them right on top of us, where you could barely squeeze by front to back, or had to knock your elbows on either side. And yes it is small and very loud.

Summary: Better than average, but no passion nor subtlety.


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