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Not So “Kind Burgers,” Sea Bright NJ

Here is a reply from the owner on my Yelp account which sums up their attitude: “you wanted food for free and didnt get it cause your a snobby fat bitch…and your daughter is not a real EMS you fat slob.”

This place should be called the NOT so kind burger place. When you walk into this place all you can smell is raw meat. I paid $20 for 2 burgers with cheese, one order of fries, and one $3 water. The burgers are super thin–about 1/8 of an inch–, like the kind you get at a fair or McDonalds and the bun was nothing special. I expected more meat or flavor for the price. We sat outside for some time and when I went in to see what had happened to our order, which was taking some time, they delivered the burgers to me in a brown paper bag. So how are people suppose to eat this outside on a tiny table–what do you do with the bag. No dish for $20? My burger and fries were lukewarm. I told the owner and he said, “I saw that burger and it just came out–what do you want me to do, stick my finger in it!!?” Very condescending. He was incredibly rude and just walked away. I would never eat here again. Who needs the attitude? I originally cut him some slack because someone got sick there and the ambulance was called. My daughter who is a Physician’s Assistant went inside to offer him assistance and he denied her help, while the person was profusely sweating and went temporarily blind. Also while we sat there before the sick person incident, a young man came out who just had an interview there. Apparently, I’m not the only one that thinks the owner has a bad temper and bad attitude. At some point he could have come over and apologized, which tells me this may be about his true nature, not the incident.

Good luck buddy.


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