The Picky Palate

This bitch knows good food.

Porta, Asbury Park NJ

A great restaurant is about more than good food—it’s an experience. The owners need to be more involved in the client side of their business. The service and the attitude by the manager was AWFUL. The waitress barely came around. We wanted to thank the owner for a great meal (the octopus is a near perfect dish, squid ink pasta with clams is super flavorful as well, but skip the pizza with egg, it was dry and another egg or 2 would have helped round out the flavor) and show them our appreciation, so we asked the waitress to speak to them. She said “whats wrong, why do you want to speak to them” and I said that I wanted to tell them about my experience. Then she asks me in several different ways if I know them—weird. Why put a customer on the defensive, unless they are acting as gatekeepers. So I asked for a manager who came over with a stern face and he said “whats wrong” and had a very bad attitude, never smiled or said how can I help you… just whats wrong with a big fat “I hate my job and I hate people” look on his face..  great way of shutting communication down. He said that he can take a message and pass it on. We said no to him and his so-unfriendly attitude and instead I called another of their restaurants and again asked for the owner to call back so that I may share our experience. A manager called me back and said that the owners are too busy to talk to me-their customers. So if you have a problem with the management there you are screwed. It’s too bad, because the food was good and we were looking for a casual but interesting place for our rehearsal dinner and this would have been perfect. But no one wants bad vibes floating around at a place where the owners want no involvement with their customers and the management has negative interpersonal skills. I hope they get it together where customers not only eat tasty food but feel respected.


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