The Picky Palate

This bitch knows good food.

Temple Gourmet, Red Bank NJ

After getting beat up at car dealerships all day, we really needed a good experience for our weary souls. Temple did not fail. The food is definitely steps above your pedestrian chinese take out food. For instance the broth in the soup tasted like it was made with bones, and was not overly salty or bland. I ran into the chef and asked him what I should order. After telling him I loved ginger and scallions, he made me a fabulous grouper dish with lots of ginger and big stalks of scallion A great value at $18. It had so much flavor! We also got the pricey lobster fried rice ($33). The rice was cooked very light and fluffy and there was a nice amount of lobster in it. But for me it lacked flavor, texture and interest. But it was good mixed together with the grouper’s massive flavor delivery. We also got a chow fun dish that was steps ahead of the amount of oil found in traditional Chinese take out, but I still think there is room to elevate that dish’s texture. Our server was nice and funny and the owner came over at the end of the meal to greet us with a smile. You can tell he takes an interest in his business. On our next visit we ordered the Tangerine steak which is a distant relative to General Tso dishes. The crispiness was superb and the flavor was again, big. We also had an incredibly large side order of green beans with snap peas that were cooked and flavored perfectly. I ordered a cappuccino in this chinese restaurant and it was unexpectedly very good!


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