The Picky Palate

This bitch knows good food.

Pho Le Vietnamese, Red Bank NJ

Just walk the other way, unless you like eating in a mall atmosphere.

3/29/13 Update

At an insistance from a friend that I open my mind and try this, I had dinner there last night. I can see that people might like it for the less than $30 check for 2 people, but I still had trouble with the non thought out atmosphere, including the dusty, grimy cleaning products next to the toilet. It just has bad energy and a lack of prompt service. That ambient thoughtlessness translated to the food as well. I ordered Pad Thai, hoping for some great texture and flavor. I received a dish of noodles with a sauce, minuscule pieces of egg and a few pieces of boiled gross meat. Mush and mushy. No color. No texture. No layered flavors. It’s shame because my daughter’s lifeless soup came with a small pretty dish of Thai Basil leaves, very fresh bean sprouts and a wedge of lemon. So I asked for a side of the bean sprouts, some scallion, a lime, and some chopped peanuts and tore some of the basil leaves in. I don’t think I’ll be back.


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