The Picky Palate

This bitch knows good food.

Djeet, Shrewsbury NJ

Dont come here for dinner. We called before we came at 4:45 asking if they were open for dinner and they said yes. Arrived at 4:50, asked what the specials were and were told that dinner starts at 5, so there were no specials. We were like “can you ask?” Duh. Waitress says they aren’t posted until 5. “That’s in 10 minutes- maybe you could ask?” Double duh. I order a coffee and burger. 20 minutes later no coffee. Waitress is chatting it up. Tell hostess. No apology. Wait another 10. No coffee. Bring cup to hostess. Please cancel the coffee and my burger was RAW. No apology, but was told “you ordered it med rare”  watched while my daughter finished her meal. Waited for waitress to stop chatting it up while we waited 10 minutes to get change. So NOT a dining experience nor professional management. Never again.


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