The Picky Palate

This bitch knows good food.

Canaille, Brooklyn NY

I really, really wanted to like this place as my daughter raved about having dinner there. My girlfriend and I went for Sunday brunch and were looking forward to what was suppose to be a great meal. Terribly disappointing. While waiting for our food it seemed the man and woman serving tables (who turned out to be the owners) seem to be grumbling amongst each other. We ordered the croque and also the hanger steak and eggs. The croque’s bread and ham were so hard you couldn’t cut it with a knife. My hanger steak (which I question was even that cut of meat) was small stew size pieces instead of a steak. It was tough. When we told the female owner she said she thought the “steak” was fine, that toast is suppose to be hard,  but would comp the meal and suggested we eat at Miriams across the street. I really have to thank her because we had a great meal and friendly service there. It is transparent that these two characters really don’t like each other and it translates into the food and ruins the ambience of what could be an adorable place.


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